SPRM 5th BirthdayIt’s that time of the year again when we give ourselves an annual pat on the back.  This month marks our fifth year of publication and we couldn’t be more grateful.  I want to thank all the contributors, commenters and support folks who have allowed us to continue to publish this long.  And I particularly want to express my gratitude to our many loyal readers from every corner of the globe.  A half-decade is a long time to commit to anything these days and your loyal readership is greatly appreciated.

I was recently accused by someone who claimed to be a long-time follower of this blog with being on Microsoft’s payroll and ‘paid to push Microsoft’s agenda’.  (That comment can be found here.)  I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that this blog has always been completely independent, written entirely by me and paid for out of my own pocket.  I have never taken a cent from Microsoft (nor any other vendor) and I have no intention to do so.  That policy will not change.

With a little luck – and your continued support – we will remain the number one island-themed SharePoint Records and Information Management blog on the Internet for many more years to come.  I’m looking forward to it…

Thanks, again.

Best Wishes,